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WatSFiC is the University of Waterloo's Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gaming Club. Originally founded to promote interest in science fiction literature, the club's mandate has since broadened to include all forms of science fiction and fantasy media.

Today, WatSFiC is a UW institution, boasting the second longest running AD&D-Format Tournament in North America, an extensive library of science fiction, fantasy, and gaming literature, and such prestigious alumni as Jose Garcia, president of Daedalus Games - the publisher of the ShadowFist trading card game and the Feng Shui roleplaying game (now published by Atlas Games).

On campus, WatSFiC maintains an office in the Clubs Library, and pretends to have an office in the Math Coffee and Donut Shop sometimes. WatSFiC holds weekly meetings and organizes a number of other public events. The Weekly Meetings for Winter 2018 are every Wednesday at 6:30PM in PHYS 313 (subject to change).

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