Club Administration

WatSFiC is organized according to the University of Waterloo Federation of Students guidelines. WatSFiC has four elected positions and currently nine appointed ones. For more information about the positions, see the club constitution and bylaws.

Fall 2015 Executive

Elected Positions

Heather Stonehouse
Ezra Beaudot
Eric Hardy
David Tiganila

Appointed Positions

Advertising Manager
(Minister of Propaganda)
Michael Tiganila (with Murad Alizada as a consultant)
Communications Manager
David Tiganila
(Ghost in the Machine)
Dale Putnam
Library Access Manager
(Master of Minions)
Ben Paul
Ben Paul
MathSoc Key Holder
Sophie Twardus
D&D Tournament Manager
(Secretary of War)
Stephen Gross
Magic Tournament Organizer
(Wizard on the Coast)
Shehan Salgado
RPGA Senior Game Master
(Grand High Dungeon Master)
Michael Tiganila
Waterloo By Night Liaison
Sebastian Wetteskind
Human vs. Zombies Senior Moderator
Book Club Organiser
Kashtin Bertoni
Writing Contest Head Judge
(The Judge)
Sophie Twardus
Emergency Media Hologram
Eric Hardy
LARPGA Senior Administrator
(Lord of the LARPGA)
Heather Stonehouse, co-chaired with Yoshi
HvZ Minigame/Invitational Administrator
(The Gooselord)
Ben Pauldd>