Events Overview

WatSFiC holds holds weekly meetings and organizes a number of other public events.

Check out our calendar: here

Movies, Games Days
WatSFiC screens a pairing of movies biweekly. Every second Saturday we hold a Games Day in the Comfy Lounge
Book Club
... 'cause we like reading books and stuff.
Writing Contest
The club has held writing contests the last few years and has had submitted a great number of excellent science fiction and fantasy short stories which are now hosted for all to enjoy. It used to be held yearly, but now occurs every term.
Dungeons and Dragons Tournament
The WatSFiC D&D Tournament is the second longest running D&D-Format Tournament in North America. Whether you are a group of grizzled veterans, or you've just bought your first Player's Handbook, the WatSFiC Tournament is a fun and challenging event.
Humans Versus Zombies
Perhaps the quickest growing activity affiliated with WatSFiC, HvZ is a game of moderated tag hosted on campus which pits a team of humans against a growing horde of zombies.
Magic: the Gathering
From Friday night constructed tournaments to Tuesday drafts, WatSFiC helps host MtG tournaments, as well as more sporadic weekend events.
Living Forgotten Realms
WatSFiC helps host weekly RPGA-sanctioned 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventures in the Living Forgotten Realms campaign.
WBN is a Vampire: The Requiem LARP that meet and play every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.
Club General Meeting:
Wednesdays at 6:30PM in PHYS150

If you can't make it to the meeting but still want to know more about club events, the minutes of previous meetings are available.
You can also feel free to email the club any specific request or notable items to bring up during a meeting.