Waterloo Role Playing Game Association

Watsfic runs and helps run a number of tabletop RPGs.

The "Roleplaying Games Association" (RPGA) is a subset of Watsfic. We even have a Facebook group! The RPGA runs special events such as intro sessions, and helps players and GMs get organized. Games are usually run in 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, but other systems are equally welcome! If you or your friends are interested in joining a game or even just learning how to play, email watsfic@gmail.com or the head of the RPGA (mtiganila1@gmail.com as of the Winter 2016 term).

Watsfic also runs the yearly D&D Tournament. The Tournament happens every year in the winter term, and it's one of the longest running D&D Tournaments in North America. Teams of 5 compete for the chance to win fabulous prizes, and have their names engraved on the Watsfic trophy (it has a dragon on it!). This year, 2016, it is running on April 2nd. More info is available here.

(visit the old RPGA website at Waterloo RPGA, although this may be out of date)