Tradition, History, and Culture


Once upon a time, WatSFiC was watching Animatrix; they put on subtitles so they could shout at the screen, and at the end of each short it listed the subtitle language, eg "[ENGLISH]". By the end of the night, they were all shouting it every time it came up, and it migrated pretty quick to the meetings. Now, at the end of each meeting someone motions to English. If this is seconded, the meeting ends and somebody writes [ENGLISH] on the board. If nobody seconds it, the meeting never ends and we all starve to death.

Tournament Brackets

After each meeting, a theme is suggested (eg: cyborgs) and eight candidates are chosen. These are put into brackets and the winner of each fight is decided (via debating their respective merits) until we have determined the BEST CYBORG OF THEM ALL.